Diversity isn't just about demographics.

Our beloved creative director had a unique and sensitive creative problem to solve. That is a few problems. His Client needed a lot of lifestyle and portrait photography and they needed it like yesterday. It had to look proprietary, own able literally and most importantly it had to portray a current position on diversity in the workplace. Of course that's a whole new can of cruelty free, vegan can of worms in 2021. Not only do professionals look like anybody in our melting pot world, the workplace itself has changed in the age of Covid. Speaking of which, at the time of this production California was in lockdown. Ted took a leap of faith and placed his trust in my team to assemble this cast of characters, 26 in all, to be shot at 5 very different locations in Florida. Many zoom calls later, Ted arrived in sunny Miami and we hit the ground running on a marathon of production. I love the resulting images and so did Eightfold. Their new site design is stunning and our photography plays an important role in conveying their brand.