Fast Fashion, the good kind.

I recently traveled to my gorgeous home town: Santa Cruz California to shoot a project for Poly. Generally I leave very little room in my travel itinerary to play but I really wanted to collaborate with @alexisterrestrial so I gave myself a little extra time after my "paid" gig. By extra time I mean an extra hour on the way to the airport! I planned the shoot meticulously with Alexis and my client @alessandrovasiniofficial and managed to squeeze one pair of his boots in my overstuffed luggage. We planned to shoot without HMU, stylist or PA. I had never worked with Alexis before and we agreed on a location that, while perfect was a little remote. I arrived at Wilder Ranch with about an hour to spare. The air temperature was barely above 50f. What could go wrong? Alexis showed up and crushed it. What a pro. She was camera ready and had self-styled four looks. I chose two and off we went. I barely had to direct her. She saw the same opportunities I saw and we wasted zero time talking about it-perfect intuitive collaboration. Thirty freezing minutes later we were done.